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Power Up to Play: Protecting the Future of Young Female Athletes

In recent years, a staggering rise in sports-related knee injuries among young people has caught the attention of medical professionals and sports enthusiasts alike.

As an experienced children’s orthopaedic surgeon, I’ve witnessed firsthand the devastating impact these injuries have on young athletes and their families. This growing concern prompted me to join forces with a group of doctors in Oxfordshire and establish Power Up to Play, a sports injury prevention charity dedicated to safeguarding the well-being and safety of young girls and boys across the United Kingdom.

The Alarming Trend:

Over the past two decades, there has been a shocking 2800% increase in anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) ruptures requiring reconstructive surgery in the 10-20 age group. This significant rise has raised alarm bells among medical professionals and experts worldwide, prompting us to take immediate action.

The Impact of ACL Injuries:

ACL injuries often result in a lengthy delay in diagnosis, followed by surgical reconstruction and a year-long rehabilitation period. The recovery process not only affects the physical health of young athletes but also takes a toll on their mental well-being, social lives, and academic performance. Moreover, the risk of early arthritic changes in the knee for all patients with ACL injuries is a grave concern.

The Call for Injury Prevention:

As a response to this concerning trend, we at Power Up to Play advocate for the implementation of injury prevention programs. The evidence supporting these programs is strong with studies showing that they can reduce the chances of sustaining ACL injuries by 50 to 70%. It’s a simple yet effective approach that can make a significant difference in the lives of young athletes.

The Power Up to Play Initiative:

Our charity’s mission is to bring about a generational shift in the approach to youth sports injury prevention across the UK. We aim to achieve this by educating and implementing a national program that gains support from grassroots coaches, parents, clubs, academies, schools, sports governing bodies, and the Department of Health.

Progress So Far:

Our journey with Power Up to Play has been both inspiring and challenging. We have successfully raised awareness and educated stakeholders about injury prevention programs.

Additionally, we have established a network of over 60 regional ambassadors who provide free face-to-face training to grassroots sports coaches, introducing them to our structured warm-up program.

Our Future Goals:

To achieve a lasting impact on the well-being of young athletes, we require consistent support and resources. We are seeking a three-year commitment of financial assistance to fund a dedicated coordinator who will oversee our organizational aspects, ensuring our initiatives reach more communities in need.

A Plea for Support:

We appeal to like-minded individuals, corporations, and organizations to support our cause. Together, we can create a positive impact on the sporting landscape in the UK and protect the future of our young athletes.

Join the Movement:

To learn more about our efforts and contribute to Power Up to Play, visit our website at www.poweruptoplay.org. With your support, we can make a significant difference and foster a culture of injury prevention that safeguards the well-being of young athletes across the UK. Let’s work together to empower our youth and ensure they can enjoy the sports they love safely and passionately for years to come.

For further inquiries or to get involved, feel free to contact me at info@poweruptoplay.org. Together, we can build a brighter and safer future for young athletes in the UK.

Nev Davies
Trustee PU2P
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

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