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At the AWC, we provide a multi-disciplinary team approach to managing all of our patients

This can include working with nutritionists, strength and conditioning coaches, physiologists, orthotists and psychologists.

This holistic care allows us to assess all the reasons why women may get injured or struggle with their health and performance. We support our patients in many different areas including –

How to prepare for training

  • Understanding training through the years and how to adapt
  • Optimal Recovery strategies
  • Looking after your bone health
  • Injury prevention programmes
  • Understanding any specific requirements e.g.- exercise in pregnancy and returning to training after having a baby
  • Pelvic Floor health

How to manage injury and illness

  • Advice on monitoring training loads/recovery and what it means for you
  • How to identify injuries, when to seek support and treatment options
  • Advice on chronic injuries affecting your ability to perform at your potential
  • How to return to training after illness

How to optimise performance

  • Understanding nutrition and your bodies requirements
  • Managing “under fuelling” – Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport
  • Monitoring and understanding any hormonal influence on performance
  • Advice on sport specific training programmes

We are able to provide diagnostic ultrasound assessments in clinic and have access to rapid MRI/CT imaging as required.

Our team also use adjunct treatments such as shock wave treatment for tendinopathies and joint injections for long term conditions.

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