awc Anti-inflammatory Nutrition

Anti-inflammatory Nutrition

Some foods and drinks are rich in substances such as polyphenols and antioxidants, which can have a dampening effect on the inflammatory response.

Foods which may dampen the inflammatory response include the following :



Olive oil & Rapeseed Oil – use in small amounts in cooking and salad dressings
Long chain Omega 3 fat sources such as oily fish (e.g. salmon, trout, tuna (fresh), mackerel, sardines). Aim for 3 portions per week
You may also be advised to take a batch tested Omega 3 supplement (if so on days when you don’t have an oily fish consume an omega 3 Capsule)

Carbohydrate foods

Choose minimally processed lower GI foods. Consume in amounts to suit your activity level. E.g. Basmati rice, sweet potato, quinoa, Pasta (al dente), wholegrain bread, porridge made with rolled oats, muesli
Minimise consumption of refined carbohydrate such as processed breakfast cereals, white bread, soft sweetened drinks, confectionary, sugar which can augment inflammation etc.

Vegetable & fruit

With a high anti oxidant content may be particularly beneficial such as:

Apricots, blueberries, blackberries, blackcurrants, strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, elderberries, peaches, pomegranate, cherries, citrus fruits, plums, grapes, red apples, kiwi, rhubarb, dried prunes, raisins, currants

Aubergines, spinach, broccoli, curly kale, Leeks, onions, celery, brussel sprouts, cabbage, fennel, green beans, lentils, tomatoes, radishes
Include at least 1-2 fruit/vegetables at each meal or snack

Nuts & seeds

Particularly walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, brazil nuts.
Chia seeds, linseeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds.
Aim for around 30g per day of mixed nuts and seeds

Herbs & spices

Cloves, garlic, curcumin (found in turmeric), hot peppers, cinnamon, ginger, chilli, sage, rosemary, basil, parsley, oregano, mint, thyme, dill, nutmeg, coriander, coriander seed.
Include as often as you can in cooking or smoothies. Fresh mint tea is another hot drink option.

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