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Sporty AF (And Female) – Our Cycles

Posted on the TeamGB blog: In the second episode, ‘Our Cycles’, Team GB athletes Andrea Spendolini-Sirieix (diving), Anna Toman (hockey), Amber Hill (shooting), Jazmin Sawyers…

An Athletes Perspective on Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport – by Pippa Wolvern

Pippa Woolven, Project RED-S Founder, former Team GB athlete, and Active Women’s Clinic advocate, shares her experience with Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport.

Reframing Return-to-Sport Postpartum: The 6 Rs Framework

Welcome to the patient information leaflet about returning to sports after having a baby. This leaflet is based on the “Reframing Return-to-Sport Postpartum: The 6…

Injury Prevalence in Netball: What You Need to Know

Netball is a popular team sport played in the UK, with 140,000 participants weekly. This game involves seven players on each side and is played…

Power Up to Play: Protecting the Future of Young Female Athletes

In recent years, a staggering rise in sports-related knee injuries among young people has caught the attention of medical professionals and sports enthusiasts alike.

Understanding Injuries in Women’s Football: What You Should Know

Women’s football has become increasingly popular and is now a prominent sport for women and girls in the UK. This is after the Football Association…

Periods and Sport – 5 Things to Consider

It is never normal to attribute not having regular periods to your training or sport. Attributing a lack of periods to training “hard” is probably one of the most common misconceptions in the sporting environment.

Running Injuries in Women: What You Need to Know

Running has become a highly popular form of exercise and competition among women, showcasing impressive participation rates. Whether for leisure, fitness, or competition, women are…

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